Meet A Child

The need for a full time special school applying THD as a methodology of rehabilitation saw the establishment of RASA CHETAS in 1996.

Children with various kinds of mental challenges like Mental retardation, Cerebral palsy, Downs syndrome and Autism come in for daily rehabilitative programme.

THD activities are scientifically structured, developmentally focused and individual specific to achieve therapeutic goals. Through these learning methods which are non - threatening, and enjoyable, children develop a greater awareness of their bodies and minds and their capabilities. The activities are used as an enabling technique to improve their creativity, academic and social skills, physical and mental alertness.

RASA - Centre for Holistic Education Through Theatre Arts has three branches in Chennai and One Branch in Bengaluru

1. Tiruvanmiyur Branch - Headed by Mrs Yvonne Valhatren
2. Mandaveli Branch - Headed by Mrs Vaishnavi Poorna Sooraj
3. Raja Annamalaipuram Branch - Our Livelihood Unit - Headed by Mrs Lakshmi Saravanan
4. RASA Aadharan - Malleshwaram, Bengaluru - Headed by Smt Rupa Hemanth

Rasa's Outreach Programme

"Art is universal and knows no barriers".

The outreach programme was started :

  • To reach out to as many special individuals as possible with the wonder of Theatre Arts for Holistic Development.
  • To provide them an atmosphere, where learning can be fun.
  • To help them explore their talent in expressive & performing Arts.
  • To provide opportunities for them to share that experience.
The facilitators of Rasa work with the children of the other Special Schools like
Matru Mandir
Saraswathi Kendra Learning Centre
Andhra Mahila Sabha
Madhuram Narayanan Centre for Learning
And We now reach out to Schools with Socio Economic Challenges too. This year, we have started providing training to students of
Bala Mandir and
Vijay Vidya

The THD activities for the children in these schools either reinforce the goals the school is working on, or address independent goals like improving attention span, group cohesiveness, expression of emotions, social behaviour etc.

Rasa also conducts workshops for teachers at different centers.

An extensive Course on Theatre Arts as a Holistic Developmental tool with specialization in applying the same to Children and Adults with Special Needs:

THD, the whole and complete methodology, addresses the pre-primary education syllabus in it's entirety through the structured application of the different aspects of theatre.

It offers a comprehensive curriculum, which provides an in depth study and an extensive practical application of the methodology in Pre primary education. It promises to create teachers who will make that special difference.

An additional input as a special elective is offered for those interested in applying the above methodology, for those who need developmental input as in children and people with different disabilities.

FEEEEST - The Foureeees Special Theatre Group
The Foureeees Special Theatre Group was concieved by Dr Ambika Kameshwar in 2007 to showcase the Acting and Dancing talents of young adults with special needs. Different young talents were brought together on to the same platform for performances in Chennai and outside.

Regular classes were taken twice a week to polish their skills and fine tune their own acting abilities. Soon, performance opportunities started pouring in - right from performing for a video editing project till performing in New Delhi.

There are a few patrons like Brahmakumaris and Shakthi foundation who call them every year for performances. They have been performing regularly in the inauguration and valedictory functions of the Music and Dance Festival conducted by Madras South Lions Charitable Trust and RASA Arpita for the past five years.

Apart from peformances, they are familiar with the Camera too. We have a multimedia screening of protagonists putting the story of our RASA DAY together every year, and the Foureeees group is roped in to do that for the past 5 years. For this purpose, they have travelled to Tiruvannamalai, Red Hills and many local locations.

The Foureeees Special Theatre group consists of 16 young talented adults with special needs. They meet every week.

Some of the productions they have done are
Gajendra Moksham, Meerabai, Nala and Damayanti, Jackie the Dog of Ramanashram.

The Foureeees Special theatre group can now be approached to perform in Corporate Events.

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Events conducted throughout the year
Sports Day - The activities for the Sports day is planned keeping in mind the ability of the students. Students from all the branches take part.

Project Day - Once a year a cultural event of dance and drama is organized by the branches of Rasa CHETAS. Every student from these centres get a role to play

Rasa Day - A mega event of Dance, drama, and music is conducted every year involving 200 children with special needs and normal needs from various schools. This event is held in a prestigious auditorium in the city. An audience of about 1000 people witness this special event every year.