Meet A Child

The story of RASA is one of belief - belief in the joy of existence. It is one of conviction - a conviction that many things can be possible if pursued with will. It is a story of hope- which is the life blood of human nature.

It is also a story of a voyage of discovery of an exploration of possibilities within the individual and a celebration of the immense potential which lies within every human being.

RASA was founded in 1989. When it was conceived, it was just a dream. Today it is a dream come true, thanks to all those who have been involved with RASA. As it grows and touches more and more lives, RASA celebrates the joy in movement and the triumph of the human spirit.

RASA is a unique organization which focuses on the holistic development of each individual through experiences of music, dance, drama, story telling, Arts and Crafts. This structured methodology is called Theatre for Holistic Development (THD), and was developed by Rasa's Founder-Director, Dr. Ambika Kameshwar, after intensive research and successful application.

The RASA way….

The goal - Holistic self-development.

The Method - Theatre Arts

The motivation - unconditional sharing of love between the 'able' bodied and the 'dis'abled based on the belief that every single person is born with tremendous potential and to fulfill a specific purpose

TThe beneficiaries - One and All