Meet A Child
  Meet A Child

Date of Birth : 18:03:1992
Condition : Downs Syndrome
Duration at Rasa : 10 years

When Guru joined RASA, he was able to perform all gross motor activities like walking, jumping, hopping .. but he was not able to structure movement patterns.

When he came in his fine motor skills were rather limited.

His communication was limited to monosyllable answers with very less clarity. He was not able to communicate freely and assertively.

Though his social skills were adequate he could not assert himself in sentences without prompt. Adequate for his work, his visual motor skills needed some verbal prompting.

Guru is now a seasoned performer. He is able to give a lot of dance performances as a part of Four E E E E s group. He is able to do dance numbers as a part of the group.

Now he is able to give and take information at home and from school. Shows accuracy in reporting and is also able to communicate in sentences without too many prompts.

He is now able to assert himself and also displays leadership qualities.

He continues to do embroidery, painting and craft work. The products completed by him are sold and a stipend is given to him. The first step in making him financially self sufficient has been taken.

Guru has come a long way and his self esteem has improved a lot too. Below is a picture of Guru performing as a snake in one of our presentation.