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  Theatre for Holistic Development

THD or Theatre for Holistic Development is based on the principle that all human beings have a natural sense of rhythm, movement and dramatic skills that can be tapped and channelized to help theme xplore and achieve their full potential.

THD uses Datnce, Drama, Music, Story Telling, Arts and Crafts which make for a spontaneous and stimulating learning process. Besides being great fun, these activities are scientifically structured to achieve specific developmental goals.

Through this learning method which is non - threatening and enjoyable, individuals become more aware of their minds, bodies and their capabilities. They learn many skills and feel empowered to do all thaey can do.

THD is also a wonderful methodology of rehabilitation.

Role of THD in the Rehabilitation of people with disabilities.

People with disabilities require various inouts to help them reach their optimum level of functioning. Several therapeutic modalities such as physiotherapy, speech therapy, special education, psycho therapy etc focus on this end. Today, several alternative modes of therapy are coming into being and gaining in popularity and acceptance all over the world.

THD is one such method of rehabilitation which focuses on developing an awareness of the body and mind and facilitates its coordinated functioning achieving thearapeutic goals and resulting in overall development. The technique of THD is a holistic modality used in rehabilitation which helps the individual to explore and develop his/her maximum potential in a creative and spontaneous manner.

Pioneered and structured by Dr Ambika Kameshwar, and the RASA Team constantly working on expanding its reach, the methodology ahs seen great success at RASA